Why Working Hard Won’t Be Enough

working hard not enough

“Work hard and your time will come.” Haven’t we all heard similar words?

“Keep grinding and it will happen.” How is that supposed to keep you motivated?

I agree with why people say that, and I agree with the belief that greatness does not come overnight, but what I don’t believe in is not having a timeline or a vision for where you are going. 

Goals are great and so are dreams, but how are you breaking those down? What do you need to do day in and day out to accomplish the vision you want? When you find out what your daily “grind” needs to look like, are there ways to make that grind more efficient? Are there ways to work smarter and harder at the same time?

Yes, grind out day in and day out. Yes, work hard at your craft. Love the process, but always be getting better. Working hard is not enough. Anyone that is trying to get somewhere is working hard, in order for you to achieve things faster, you need to break down your day to day craft. 

The Best Example I Can Give…

Some of the only advice I hear a lot from older generations is “keep working hard, go in early and leave late. Do your job and do it the best you can do and you’ll make your way forward.” Yes, that is true, but what if everyone else is showing up early and leaving late? What if everyone else is a hard worker, how will my time come? 

I have to keep working on my craft and not only work hard, but also be thinking of new ways to get better. What are the directions the company is going where I can provide more value than putting in the time? What are areas the company is lacking that I can help fill the gap? How can I become absolutely priceless to the point where when the “Time” does come, the choice is easy?

Yes, grind, work hard, show up early, leave late, put in the time at the gym, at your desk, in the meetings, but always be thinking of ways to be better. 

Part of my daily affirmations is one sentence I say a lot, and it helps keep me thinking of new ways I can be better, maybe it can help you. 

“I will be better today than I was yesterday.”