Why Should You Care?

Why should you care

I received an email today that was titled “Which class of food do Pilots eat?” I have no idea why this promotional email was sent or what the point of anyone writing the article was, but it must have tested well enough for them to blast it out to thousands of people. Why should I care? As long as the pilot stays healthy enough to take off and land the plane I’m on, I could care less if they are being served a rare piece of cheetah meat!

We get distracted by so many things in life and most of the time we do it on purpose. If we look deep enough it most likely is us looking for someone to compare to and say “Why do they get to have that, and I don’t.” Who cares? Comparison is the root of all destruction and we search for it. I am as guilty as anyone in this field.

Process not Result

My new years resolution this year is not going to be a new work out plan or money goal, it’s going to be process driven rather than results driven. I can only control so many things, why put goals out there that are not controllable? If this sounds like Chinese to you, pick up Burn Your Goals by Joshua Medcalf. It will change your year, I guarantee it.

When you have goals of X amount of pounds lost, or X amount of money made, so many things can get in the way of that goal that are beyond your control. As soon as you hit a few road blocks, that goal is unattainable and it’s washed until next year. If you focus on the process and on the every day mission, a few set backs don’t knock you off for the long term. Now you focus on exercising for 20 minutes a day, or having a salad for one of your meals every day, or making so many sales calls a day. Those are controllable items, not the pounds lost or money made. Those things will come, but control and focus on what you can control.


Do the work

When we are distracted or focused on other people and their lives, or comparing our work to others, we will always lose. We will always find fault in either ourselves or the other person. If you are looking for faults, you are not looking in front of you. We have the do the work that is front of us in order to get to where we want to go.