Three Hit Thursday

Three Hit Thursday
Three Hit Thursday

I am going to be starting up a quick post called “Three Hit Thursday.”

It is a quick post that will be about anything that I feel has been important to me in the last week, or brought value to my business and/or personal life. I will also include purchases I’ve made that have made a positive impact. 

Hope you like this new short post campaign!

Three Hit Thursday 2/16/17

    1. Daily practice I’m using: The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

      I have been fascinated with the Stoic philosophy recently and this book could not have entered my path with better timing. If you are looking for action items and practical ways to persevere through hard times, and keep the discipline level up on an every day basis, this book has been awesome for my psyche.

    2.  Purchase I am loving: Ivation Wooden Balance Board

      Trying to stay in somewhat good surfing shape while I’m completly landlocked can prove chalenging. My wife bought me this balance board from my wish list and I can’t stop using it at work. I spend a lot of time standing or sitting in my cubicle at work on the phone. This gives me the opportunity to work on my balance while I’m not even thinking about it. Not sure if it burns as many calories as a treadmil desk, but it will work for now!

    3. Best book I’ve read recently: The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance 

      I was hooked on the book mindset this past year and this book by Josh Waitzkin gave me real life examples on how to put the principles to use in getting better every day. Josh is the boy from the famous movie and book “Searching for Bobby Fisher.” After his child prodigy time as a chess player he went on to becoming a world champion at multiple martial arts competitions. This book will give you many principles to live by but also entertaining with unbelievable stories. Make it your next read!