Three Different Types of Workers

Intern employee and executive

In this world, there are three different types of workers.

1. The Intern

They show up and start asking questions. “How can I help?” “What can I do?” They are eager to learn and ready to work. The interns don’t last long. They either turn into employees or they go back to school or unemployment. If you stay this type of worker for too long you become burnt out. You must evolve. 


2. The Employee

When the employee arrives they say, “This is what I know how to do and this is how I can help.” They pigeon themselves into one thing the day they arrive on the job. During the interview they spend their time talking about what they know, and the training they’ve had to do a certain thing and telling the workplace how they can help when it comes to a specific task. 

Too be honest, this is where most of us lie and stay forever. It’s easy to do and become comfortable. If you want to stay here the rest of your career, great – seriously no judgment here. If you want to “climb the corporate ladder” or move up to the next type of worker, we can’t get comfortable in our skill-set, current training or knowledge. We have to grow and evolve, take risks and get uncomfortable to move forward. 


Jim Rohn talks about his view of the minimum wage regulation in his seminars. There are talks of raising the minimum wage every year and in every state. Jim Rohn chimes in and says “Sure raise the minimum wage if you plan to stay at that wage your entire life, but that’s not a good way to live. We should always be striving to do more, be more and help more.” 


3. The Executive

The executive shows up with action. They say “This is what I have done for the last companies. Here is what I have already done for you and this is how I can help you move forward.” They show up with an action plan, a vision and how they can help facilitate that plan.

This is not an overnight change, but it’s a mindset shift in the way you currently work now. Thinking in terms of an executive now as an employee will give you the vision and willingness to change when it comes time to, while everyone else stays comfortable. 

Be an intrapreneur – be the executive.