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The Success Pirate Manifesto:

A Success Pirate is a new generation.

We are faster, stronger, smarter, and tenaciously persistent. 

Success Pirates are against the boxes society puts us in. We are not lazy, useless “employees.” We are not pawns in the game. 

We started at the bottom and never received a handout. 

We steal our success by stealing knowledge and wisdom that is available everywhere. 

Success Pirates define our own success, and create our own luck. We are always learning from others. 

Being a Pirate is a lifestyle, not a destination. 

Once a pirate always a pirate. 

We steal success to impact the world. 

We are Success Pirates. 



The Story Behind Becoming a Pirate.

When we finally walk across the stage on our last day of school, most of us put a negative connotation around the word “Learn.” We feel like we know everything we need to know,
“I just spent the last 90% of my life learning, why do I need to keep going?”

I remember asking myself self the same thing, until I stepped into my first job where I sold military materials to the government through contracts and I didn’t even know these types of businesses even existed. So I found myself treading water and just “getting by” in learning the new field.  I had one HUGE problem. . . I was trying to learn things the way I have always been taught. Which was listen, read, study what I remember and ask questions but I still wasn’t moving as fast as I wanted to.

Not fast enough…

Fast forward to my next sales position where I learned something from the clients I worked with that dramatically changed the way I thought about learning. They were achieving success at 10 times the rate as anyone in their field by this process. The trick to their success was “stealing” from the people who were either better than them at their field or knew more than them in their weakness.

I am not talking about physically stealing anything from anyone – that would be illegal. I’m talking about stealing intangible knowledge and ideas that others openly share with you.

Stealing other people’s ideas is also illegal. . .what are you saying?

Let’s back up to how you’ve been taught how to learn. You’ve sat in classes your entire life for long hours, listening, reading, and ultimately cramming all that information into your head in a short amount of time for a test where 5 days later you’ll forget a 90% of what you’ve learned. This way of learning is not wrong, let me repeat that. . . this way of learning is not wrong. It’s proven to teach kids and adults on how to think and give them large amounts of information over time so they are well-rounded to face the world.

This new way of learning or what I call “stealing,” is a faster way to gather the knowledge that pertains to you, your goals and the industry you are looking to achieve success in. Stealing like a pirate is the fastest way to learn what you want and need to achieve the life you are striving for and to be the most successful in your field. I go into detail in the articles on this site on how to “Steal and plunder like a pirate” in your daily life and I hope it brings you the success it has for me in my life.

Please steal all the information you’d like from me to increase your income, achieve your dreams and the success you’ve always wanted!

It’s a Pirate’s life for me (and you)!

– Cory


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