Let’s Get Rich Quick!


“Let’s Get Rich Quick!”

No one says that. No one even thinks it, realistically. It’s more of a joke statement, with a negative connotation that has a really bad rap.


Deep down, you wouldn’t hate it, if it happened to you. We don’t believe it exists, but we like to hear stories about it.  Tomorrow, you woke up, you could travel the world, have your life and your kids life paid for and money was no longer even a conversation. That wouldn’t be bad, would it? This is why the “Get Rich Quick” market is still around. We like to believe in the exception, not the rule.


We know its not realistic. Sure it happens. At least it looks like it does. It looks like that band just came together last week, made an album, then this week sold 5 Million copies. We don’t see the hours in the recording studio. The hundreds of hours in dive bars, rickety stages, smelly night clubs, that they went through to get there. We see the front of stage, not the back of stage. We see the people who created apps that took off “overnight,” then sell to Facebook for $1Billion.  We don’t see the other 12 that they spent, time, money, tears creating and failing on.

Thinking we can get rich quick, with some silver bullet, without the hard work and failure is about as normal as spending your time and money chasing Sasquatch.


Just like every post I write, I’m speaking to myself here.

Stop thinking the next new marketing campaign is going to make $$ rain from the sky. Stop thinking this new diet of only eating organic snapper from Fiji is going to give you that beautiful body. Stop thinking “they just got lucky,” “they were born with that talent.”  That’s a fixed mindset, get a growth mindset. 

Find your value in who you are, not what you do, or how fast you got there.