It is Our Fault



As I’m writing this, it is a day after the election of a lifetime. Absolutely unreal. I don’t believe anyone saw Trump being elected the next leader of the free world, not even himself! Good, bad, indifferent, everyone is in shock. We are all looking for answers, some are rioting, some are making death threats, but we are all confused. Then I realized something.

As I’m scrolling through different news sources trying to consume as much craziness as I can, I notice something that makes complete sense. For every three articles about the election, there was one about Brad Pitt settling with his ex-wife Angelina over the custody of their kids. It was the second top article on CNN! That is when it hit me, smack between the eyes.

We did this to ourselves!

I sat up in bed because I could not sleep thinking about what we are doing to ourselves. Not what the country is doing to us, or what the other party did, or that person in the office that you know voted without doing any research besides watching their Instagram feed and reading their friends post on Facebook.  It is not their fault, it’s ours. In the heat of the moment, I wrote a Facebook post, which I told myself I wouldn’t do throughout the election or afterwards, because I know it won’t change anyone’s mind, but this was different.

Here it is:

The only other article besides the election popping up right now is about Brad Pitt and his kids. Seriously? That is the second most talked about topic?!?!
This is your answer on why we had these two clowns to vote for.

It’s our fault.
We like pointless, meaningless junk to feast on and we like the fake drama of who said what and who dumped who. We accepted a guy’s unbelievable actions, and sexist and racists words, or we ignored her criminal background and openness to kill babies an hour before birth because we are used to the garbage we feed ourselves every day.

Don’t get upset about who voted for who or call someone else uneducated for voting differently than you.

The media gives us things that we watch, read and buy off the shelves because we continue to do it!! If we actually cared, paid attention and did something about real-life problems like the lack of clean drinking water for the rest of the world, or the mass grave of decapitated bodies from ISIS we just found yesterday, we might actually weed out the clowns before they got too far and would be able to elect someone we could truly get behind. We have to stop watching, reading, listening to junk.

Control the controllables and it starts with us everyday.

Don’t blame the parties or “uneducated & unemployed” when you and I are the problem. Until the top show we watch is not Game of thrones (read the parental guide) or real housewives, or Kardashians and the top site online is not TMZ, or the top song is not “Juju on that beat,” we might be able to have a civilized political system that works for the people rather than the other way around.

No point in trying to change someone else’s mind when our’s is full of garbage in the first place.

Netflix and chill

We go to work so we can spend our time away “Netflix and Chill-ing!” How backwards is that?

If you want change in our government and not want the two choices we had, do something about it. Vote in the primaries, volunteer for a candidate that you believe in. Don’t complain, change it.

Second, we need to stop feeding our minds with garbage. The reason why we are about to have a person in office that has said terrible things about all walks of life is because we accept it every day in the TV we watch, the articles we choose to read, and the movies we see. The porn industry is a multi billion dollar industry and we are shocked we have a womanizer in office?

Change starts at the ground level up, not from the top down. Let’s do our part.