You Inc. (Snippet from book Intrapreneur)

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I am currently working on my book Intrapreneur: Making an impact from the inside out and I’d like to share a little with you in this post. The thought behind this post is to make sure we are all taking a good look at how we present ourselves to the world. How we talk, how we act, what we say on social media and other platforms will become a bigger and bigger deal in the next 3-10 years. I currently work with 110 small business owners. Every time I talk with them about hiring another person, one of the first places they go to when they are researching their next candidate is google and immediately thereafter to their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you treat yourself like a business, and a business that will be around for a long time, you will monitor your actions more closely, but then also you’ll be thinking how you can make an impact on others long term as well. I hope you enjoy this snippet. 


“The Professional Mindset begins with a radical re-conceptualization of ourselves as artists and entrepreneurs.” – Steven Pressfield

You Inc.

I’m going to give you a second term that best describes an Intrapreneur, and that is “You Inc.”. You Inc. is your company. You run it everyday. You are responsible for its highs and you are the one that is in charge when it goes bankrupt. Viewing yourself in this light should give you a new perspective.

Sometimes in life we think our actions or (in most cases) our inactions don’t affect anyone. Sure, your two hours a day on social media and your four hours watching your tv shows don’t directly affect others right at this moment, but they will affect a few people down the road. When you don’t have enough funds to retire, you’ll never wish you should’ve watched a few more episodes.

You Inc. will be as successful as you make it, but you have to take responsibility for it. You own it already. Act like it! The way you run You Inc. now is a great determining factor for how You Inc. will turn out in 5, 10, 20 years.

What if we took this even a step further. Everything we do online these days is recorded. Newsflash, your snapchat snaps are not deleted forever either. If you were going to be in line for the next anchor of a major news station or another public figure for a large corporation, or heck, the president of the United states (aparently anyone can win that) do you think the hiring manager is going to take a look back at all the stuff you’ve posted to the public over the last five years? Of course they will! They do now.

You Inc. will only become more accessible and visible for the world to see in the next few years. You better be sure the decisions you make now are in line with the principles that you want your life to become in the future.

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