How to rate your success. (Step by step guide)


If we truly are in pursuit of success, we should know exactly where we are in the pursuit. Take for example any goals you lay out for your year. You know exactly where you are relative when you’d like to hit that goal. When you make a New Years resolution that you are going to lose 20 pounds this year and keep it off, you know where you are relative to that goal. Why should success be any different?

I’m going to walk through a great exercise for you to do right now that will help you reach your success quicker.

1. Define your success

The issue with success is that it is relative to what you make it. Is it a place or a lifestyle? Is it an accomplishment or a journey? Is it easily achieved or impossible to achieve, or somewhere in the middle? If you don’t define your success, how do you know when you are there?

I define my success like a step ladder. I can only see so many steps above me, but I know what those steps are to get to the next one. Each one I achieve, I am fulfilling my definition of success. For example, I have a long term goal of hitting a big bench mark in my take home pay by the time I’m 30. I also have yearly goals and then monthly objectives. If I don’t have my “success” defined I won’t know when to celebrate or kick my own butt into high gear.

2. Rate your success on a scale from 1 to 10

Give yourself an honest rating on where you are in achieving your success. Are you an 8 or are you a 3?

I give myself a 7. I have hit most of my achievement steps but not as quick as I would like. I also have some big goals I still want to hit. Let me give you some help on this one, if you are trying at all in life you are not a 1. No pessimism aloud.

3. Fill in the gap

What is going to take your 7 to a 9 or a 10? What do you need to do this year, this month or this year to add to your number?

This guide is a great way to gauge where you are now and see what else you need to do to be successful. I like to do this every 6 months. After I see what else i need to do to fill in the gap, I break it down into my daily routine.