How To Break Through Resistance

There is this a massive, six foot six, 300lbs of pure muscle that is standing in your way from accomplishing your goals. His name is “Resistance” and he is the meanest dude you have ever seen. He has scars on his face and prison tattoos on his hands and eyebrows. You can tell life gave him a rough go when he was young, then he grew up and pounded life into a pancake. 

The worst part about this mean, massive human named Resistance is that he is also fast. He can run a sub 4 second 40 yard dash. He also has a background in martial arts and ninja tactics. The guy can disappear and reappear whenever he wants. Half the time you don’t even know he is there. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. Resistance is your biggest enemy and he won’t stop until he punches you in the face and makes you turn around. 

How do I know about this guy? Steven Pressfield introduced me to him in his book “The War of Art.”

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life with

in us. Between the two stands Resistance.”

― Steven Pressfield

How To Break Through Resistance


Name Your Enemy

Let’s say you go to the doctor because you’ve been having a lot of stomach issues recently. You are in extreme pain, you can’t eat or sleep and you know something is seriously wrong. You get all the test done and they hook you up to every machine they have and it’s time for the doctor to walk in and give you your diagnosis. 

He walks in, sits down and says, “We know what you have, and we know how to fix it.” You breathe a huge sigh of relief. That sigh quickly turns into holding your breath because he goes on to say, “You have the common cold. Go to your nearest drug store and pick up some NyQuil so you can get some good sleep. In the next day or so you’ll be back to 100%. 

You might not be a doctor, but you know when something is a cold and when something is more serious than that. You know if you do exactly as he says, your symptoms will not get better, because you are basically doing nothing to treat your true illness. 

We do the same in our every day lives. We misdiagnose what is truly holding us back. We decide to name our enemy something other than it truly is. When we do this, we do go into battle with the wrong armor or weapons. 

If you decided to fight your stomach issues with some NyQuil, you are going to wake up again with the same issues the next day. You need to fight the correct enemy with the right weapons. 

In the case of you and I achieving our goals, our common enemy in our way is named resistance. We need to fight Resistance with the correct weapons or we’ll never defeat him. 

Resistance is not Forrest Gump






Resistance can disguise himself as a lot of things. This is the major reason why you don’t know who he is until now. Resistance disguises himself as extra sleep. When we know if our goal is to lose 25 pounds or trim down, we need to get up early and get to the gym, but our cozy bed feels so nice. That cozy bed is Resistance and he’s winning. 

Sometimes our dreams are way bigger than we can even imagine and they scare us. They are so scary and big that you don’t honestly think they could actually happen. The simple thought of what our friends and family might think when they see me trying to coach, consult, talk about building an empire, starting a business, or writing a book is scary. “What are they going to think? They’ll think I’m a fraud!” These thoughts and fears are Resistance and he is hard at work. He’s smart, and no Forrest Gump (although he is hard-working). 

How do we defeat him?

After naming all of the things that keep us from accomplishing our goals, “Resistance” we know how to battle him. We know when our bed is cozy and we need to get up, all we need to do is realize this is just another tactic by him to keep us from getting up. 

When we start to think about all the people that will say things or talk about us; this is him throwing irrational thoughts in our minds. 

If our goal is to hit a certain income level and hitting that level means we need to do things that scare us like invest or take big risks; this causes a lot of stress and anxiety. This stress is just another arrow Resistance is shooting at us. We need to break through the anxiety and stress to keep on towards our goals. 

We know the path that we should be on. Visions and goals are simple. You work backward from the end result to where you are. There, you have your path. Resistance is standing in your way. Now that you know that he is there, you know how to defeat him.