Fear Kills Focus

Fear kills focus

Fear kills focus.

It doesn’t get anymore simply explained than that. If we don’t want to focus on our goals, dreams, the task in front of us, be afraid. Be afraid of what people will think. Be afraid of the cold when you are trying to get out of bed. Be afraid that you might say something dumb. Be afraid of change. Be afraid of failure.

Being afraid is a natural occurrence, and everyone has it. It is there as an instinct to keep us away from danger and away from unknown and known threats. When it comes to our goals, either for the day or for the next five years, we know what the worst is and what could happen, but yet we still lose focus because of fear.

Fear is a waste of energy, time, and your resources.

Fear is a misuse of you.

Courage breeds focus. When you are afraid of the challenges and you decide to run towards it, you don’t lose focus because of the fear is present, but you have to have courage in order to get through it.

Fear kills focus. Courage breeds it.

Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne

You can be afraid and have courage at the same time. Fear without courage, nothing gets accomplished.