Is that really YOUR dream?

is that really YOUR dream?

I was reading one of my favorite influencer’s, Joshua Medcalf, book and he tells a story about he hates the question “what do you do?” I relate so much to his thoughts around this. This question is about as impactful as “how about this weather?” Does what you do really define you? Should it? Even if you are crazy proud of what you do, everyone stumbles at their answer to this. Why is that?

I believe it’s because when we answer it, we aren’t sure how the other person will react to it or understand. Whether they understand or don’t even care (which is probably more like the truth) why do we need to be apologetic? . .another topic for another time. 

Instead of popping that question Joshua goes into asking people “What is your dream?” This is cheesy and you have to ask it seriously or you won’t get a serious answer. Joshua is the type of person that demands a real answer to this. He said he asked a young golfer this question and he responded with “I want to play on the PGA tour!” 

Joshua followed up with, “Is that YOUR dream or is that just how you define success in the field you are in?” 


How powerful is that? How often do we think our goals and dreams should be to reach “the top” when we don’t even know what “the top” feels like? We just think, that’s what I need to strive for since that’s where I’m at now or because that’s the industry I’m in. 

It’s great to have big dreams and goals in life, I’m not condoning that at all. We need to define what they really mean and make sure they are YOUR dream and not some definition that everyone thinks is “Success” in your field. 

Yes, Today

Today, I’m rethinking my definition of my success and my goals. Are they REALLY what I want or is it some prefabricated goal that I currently believe is “success.”

What are your dreams or goals? Are they what everyone else is striving for in your industry because it’s what everyone considers “the top,” or are they clearly defined goals and dreams with meaning?