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Cory Swain  – Lead Contributor and Founder 

Cory Swain


Self declared “Best Surfer in Kansas.”

Hey, I’m Cory Swain

I love to serve people who are looking to better themselves by always wanting to learn more and become more successful, but can’t seem to get enough. I help them get more information into their heads by giving them an easy way to remember and implement things they want to keep. This helps them bring more success into their lives by taking more direct action.

I have nine years of sales and marketing experience, five years of business coaching and five years of implementing the Success Pirate principles.

When I’m not teaching sales and marketing techniques, and coaching on business planning, I can be found spending time with my wife and son, golfing and surfing. I live in Kansas, so surfing is more of a passion and I need to travel for it. A few of my favorite places to surf are Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and I try to get down there once a year.

Why Pirates?

I grew up in South Florida, with a majority of my time in the Florida Keys. My love for the ocean carried over to a passion for the original pirates who inhabited the area of the Caribbean. I use the characteristics and tactics of pirates in my every day pursuit of happiness, joy, fulfillment, and success.


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