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Why should you care

Why Should You Care?

I received an email today that was titled “Which class of food do Pilots eat?” I have no idea why this promotional email was sent or what the point of anyone writing the article was,…

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Your Boss Wants You To Be An Entrepreneur

[Taken from my book that is soon to launch about Intrapreneurship] Why would your boss want you to be an Entrepreneur? Your first thought might be “that sounds ludicrous.” Why would someone want to employ…

Man lake success

If You’ve Been Doing These 4 Things, You’re Not Far Away From Success

Check out this article featured in that was written by Success Pirate’s very own Cory Swain! Sometimes in life, we think our goals and success are so far off, but in reality, they are a…

10 best books

10 Best Books to be a Successful Young Business Professional

If you are an aspiring young business professional what should you read? Over the past 5 years I’ve taken my focus onto the direction of my reading. How many business books should I read a…

Self-made millionaires

5 habits that helped turn ordinary people into self-made millionaires – Business Insider

If you are truly trying to be as successful as you can, learning from the top of the top is the quickest way to getting there. Billionaires seem far off but this article shows the…