You Can Have a Superpower in 2017

Distractions are the death of our focus. 

Distractions don’t get any less as we get older and they also don’t get any less as we increase as a society. People talk about all the “screens” we have facing us at all times, and it’s the truth, but these “screens” aren’t out to get us. We have complete 100% control over these “screens.” It’s a tragedy that we blame the screens for our society’s lack of in persons communication. Since the avoidance of these “screens” and other distractions are 100% controllable, that gives you the ability to have a superpower. 


Right now, in 2017, focus is a superpower! Right now, I have four screens in front of me, but I only need one to write this post, so in order to actually finish this post, the other three are turned off. This is a conscious decision I had to make before I started. If I didn’t, I would be stopped by a social notification, an email, or my ESPN app telling me about another Dolphin trade. This Blog post that should only take me 20 minutes towrite might take me two days, if I let these “screens” control me. 

This is only one example and it’s an easy one. What about when we are at home with our spouse, kids or family? When we get that buzz in our pocket, do you immediately take out your phone to see who is dying to talk to you? If you don’t, you feel like a complete addict and start scratching your neck until you do. Don’t worry, I’m in that boat too. I’ve had to leave my phone in the other room while I play with my boy, or sit down for dinner with my family. Am I perfect at this? Far from it, but the fact that I’m conscious of it, gives me a superpower. The power to focus on what I’m doing right at this moment. 

Trickle this down

What about this superpower at your work? How often are you typing up an email, see another one come in and stop and take a look at the new email? Do you stop what you are working on to check your social sites? Do you keep your email up when you are talking on the phone? 

All of these things are not bad, but when you are supposed to be focused somewhere else, they are a distraction. 

Being able to focus on one thing at a time and finish that one task at a time, is a superpower in 2017. The best part is, we all have access to it. Since barely anyone does it, it makes you have the leg up. 

I’m conscious of this super power and I’m going to try to make it a point to use it as much as possible. Hope you do too. 

Close the windows, close the email, leave your phone in another room. Multitasking is not getting you anywhere, everyone does it. 

Focus will differentiate.